Emerge as a Leader: take lessons from Military

16/07/2012 16:31

You can be amazed about how a person can be successful if he takes lessons from an entirely different group and still can be moving ahead of others. I know many people who have taken their inspiration from military generals and the armed forces. Big businessmen also trust military fundas for quick success and a perfect leadership.

Here are some reasons how military approach can prove to be useful if you are an aspiring leader:

Number One: Military forces make you strong and your intellect sharp. They have a broad focus. Once they are in the field they don’t look back. What all we need from a leader? A leader should also possess these qualities as he will also have to take an army of people/employees along with him and for this he himself should be proactive, positive and daring.

Number Two: Military gives you a detached feeling. So when a leader also starts detaching himself from all emotional characters, he then starts taking wise decision without any partiality. It makes him an unbiased judge too. So in this way an unbiased leader can take whole group with him instead of accompanying just four or five people in a big group.

Number Three: Discipline is all which is of great importance for our armed forces and so leaders should possess the same quality. It is only because of their disciplined lifestyle, militants don’t miss a target. If a leader can be disciplined, he too will not miss any goal and results will appear in short time.

Number four: Respect for all is that we find in military groups. Even their bosses don’t feel shame in showing respect for the subordinates. A leader should also learn to respect his group members so positive vibes can be created in the atmosphere and your goal doesn’t suffer.